Aisle after aisle of everything you need.


Gulf Coast Market – The Big Store – is a full-service grocery store. That means aisle after aisle of everything you need to stock the pantry or fridge.

Sauces, cereal, spices, canned veggies, baking goods, cheese, laundry soap, pet food, household cleaning supplies, health and beauty items. Snacks and drinks. Even kitchenware and small appliances.

We’ve got it all…all the basics along with a lot of local specialties you won’t find anywhere else.

Browse the aisles and you’ll see why they call us “The Big Store”.


We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of fresh produce at great low prices every day. Fruits and vegetables, a variety of packaged salad mixes, fresh dressings, beautiful plants and freshly cut flowers, bagged nuts and healthy snacks…it’s all here and it’s all fresh from the farm to you.


We always have the best quality and biggest selection of fresh butcher cut beef, poultry and pork on the Peninsula.

Packaged chicken, pork chops, ribs and beef steaks from favorite big-name brands like Swift and Sanderson Farms; even iced-down gulf oysters and crab meat.

Bacon, lunchmeats, sausage, pork loins, steak sauce, marinades and seasoning…great on the grill or just right for a fresh family meal at home or the beach cabin.

Frozen Foods

You won’t find a bigger selection of fine frozen foods anywhere else on the Peninsula.

Pizza, waffles and Blue Bell ice cream, frozen dinners…even frozen bakery cakes and boudain balls! Cool prices too!


Visit the dairy section for fresh butter, eggs, milk, ready-to-bake cookies, biscuits, pizza dough, sour cream, yogurt, soy milk, cream cheese, juice, English muffins, a huge variety of all kinds of cheeses; all from brands you know and trust…everything you could possibly need.

All the basics, plus surprising finds like asadero and quesadilla cheese, hard Parmesan, Gouda and feta cheeses too!

Beer & Wine

Find a wide selection of domestic and imported beer and wines ice cold or off-the-shelf. We also carry a large variety of mixers and bar accessories.

Browse our extensive collection of wines, perfect for any occasion, all at prices that are cause for celebration.


The Big Store
2385 Highway 87
Crystal Beach, Texas 77650


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